At the heart of every brand is a story.
Some are personal and emotional, others bold
and pragmatic.

Finding the core, the thing that matters most, is what storytelling is all about. Let’s put our heads together and find new ways of telling your story through social media, video and photography.

Recent Work

man standing by bathtub

View some of my short marketing and profile videos here

Social Media for Recruiting (Slideshare)

A case developed at the City of Boulder, Colorado.

Diversity Development (Slideshare)

A case developed at the City of Boulder, Colorado

Design Thinking for the Classroom (Slideshare)

Utilizing procedural creativity to improve learning.

Portland Design Exchange

A conceptual framework for a city-sponsored design incubator first-year launch.

Fashion Marketing

A strategy for success.

Get In Touch

I love to connect. Send me a message and let's see how we can use creative and design thinking to result in flexible, dynamic outcomes that have stamina in a mercurial world.