Alan Murdock


My work explores identity through sound, video, found objects and performance. From filming and deconstructing the urban environment to leading student video and design efforts, I explore the many ways we construct our identity through modifying and engaging with our environment. Whether it's video art, yoga, meditation, dance or music, the mind/body, body/environment and environment/mind relationships are rich ground for interdisciplinary exploration. As a design and design business instructor I bring these ideas to the development of designed and engaging environments, messaging, branding and advertising.

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The Valley of the Dry Bones
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Ah There, Structure


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Career History

The Art Institutes

Faculty to Dean of Academic Affairs and Acadmic Coordinator 2000-current

Since August 2000 I have worked for The Art Institutes, first at The Art Institute of Portland, and since 2009, The Art Institute of Salt Lake City. During this period, working with faculty and students to develop programs and individual careers has been the most important part of my work. Whether it was writing a new program proposal at The Art Institute of Portland for a Design Research program or launching and working with the student design agency in Salt Lake City to rebrand an Organic Farming youth leadership program, the work has been about creating opportunity and teamwork through creativity and innovation. From video production, drawing, color theory, drawing and copywriting to fashion branding, I've adapted my experience as an educator, interdisciplinary artist and writer to support student learning and faculty engagement.

Artist and writer

1996 through current

I have produced educational and arts videos for the Department of Religion at The University of Iowa and Metro, a regional arm of government responsible for recycling efforts in the Northwest as well as independent video, music and art projects. I have published articles on the arts and dance and conducted interviews with dancer/choreographers Mikhail Baryshnikov and Twyla Tharp and artists such as No!Artist Boris Lurie. I have also written articles on steps to break into various creative careers.