Alan Murdock

Video and Video Dance

The first video below is current work in collaboration with award winning writer/performer Karrie Higgins. This video supplements work Higgins has published about the push/pull between religious and secular leadership in the Salt Lake valley. Higgins performs acts described in the biblical book of Ezekiel toward the city of Salt Lake instead of Jerusalem. It is a metaphor for making ideologies concrete through physical interventions on one's environment. The other pieces below document early experiments in video art and video dance. The dancer/choreographer appearing in the sixth piece is Shouze Ma.

Production Video

The third video is an example of basic production quality video rather than video art. The goal was to communicate to parents the benefits of a workshop that Junior and Senior level High School students attended in July 2010. The video was a "value added" to the workshop because parents expected to see the artwork produced, but not a production documenting the process of creation. This piece also has a studio recorded voiceover and a soundtrack edited from loops to create a different mood for each sequence of the video. Click each image to visit a page with the video and a short description of the work.

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