Alan Murdock

Video and Video Dance

Shouze Ma and I collaborated on a piece, "Blue" as part of Collaborative Performance, an interdisciplinary class that brought together Dance, Theatre, Music and Intermedia students. The theme was developed collaboratively and I provided the slide projections and improvisational movement coaching in support of Shouze Ma's choreography. The second video, Breaking Bounds, was my undergraduate senior independent study project in the Department of Dance. I submitted the piece for admission into the MFA program in Intermedia Art at The University of Iowa. The third through sixth image document the range of projects I have been involved in. In 2004 The Art Institute of Portland hosted an exquisite corpse show. I produced the silver and cardboard base to a sculpture based solely on a specification of width and weight that needed support. The finished piece became the mailer for the show.

Playbills and Posters

In 2000 I set up a spoken word event with two writers from the Iowa Writer's Workshop, Jen Hofer and Bradley Paul. During the previous year I had started reading postmodern spoken word at the Workshop hosted readings under the name "The Author Formerly Known as Toadboy" which became popular with the group. Broad Mountain was a collaboration between choreographer Rani Welch, playwright Barbara B. Goldman and myself. I provided videos that altered the experience of the stage space providing visuals with which the dancers engaged. I produced similar images for Kirsten Kaschock's graduate thesis performance. I also served as videographer for Black Genesis Dance Theater directed by Sabrina Madison-Cannon.

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