Alan Murdock

Invisible Insurrection

Invisible Insurrection, inspired by Alexander Trocchi's famous book, "Invisible Insurrection of a Million Minds," was the brainchild of Karrie Higgins. She asked me to be the arts editor for the magazine. I took on the arts editor role, sourcing illustrations and photographs, art directing and designing the first issue with an intern and designing the second issue, and conducting artist interviews. To source artists we put out an open call on our website, reached out to blog authors and forum moderators. I also reached out to top schools including the New School, where I got in touch with Jess Hale, who did some amazing illustrations for the second issue. Through the blogosphere I knew John Hill, a Chicago architect, who wrote a great piece for us on architecture after 9/11. I knew Ido Bruno through the Industrial Design listserv managed by former Fluxus artist Ken Friedman, and we were up and running.

Issue I and II

Issue I was produced in the spirit of the situationists. We were really thinking about what a space means based on how you experience the space when you tune into it and start unpacking the messages it gives to you. the 9/11 attacks were a shock to everyone, and they were an instigator of immediate change in perceptions of space and security. How do we remain free (open) and safe? What does it mean when we secret a blast shield in the form of a potted tree? Is it "better" to hide security, or to mount the bulwarks and make a secured faculty look secured? These were questions to be explored in the first issue. The design took on an offset two column design which was intended to reference the form of the twin towers. The second issue was more literary than the first with a greater focus on essay forms and illustration. The design still used a two column structure that was combined to a single column for the majority of the literary essays.

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